2018 NKT-IKBU International

Summer Festival

JUL 27 – AUG 11   ·   Manjushri Kadampa Meditation Centre, UK

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Get a discount on your festival by booking before the 15 of June

Book before midnight (UK time) on the 15 June to receive these discount rates.  

Whole Festival


  • £353 daily rate
  • Save £133
  • July 27 - August 11
  • Does not include accommodation or meals

Week 1 only


  • £135 daily rate
  • Save £15
  • July 27 - Aug 1
  • Does not include accommodation or meals

Week 2 only


  • £218 daily rate
  • Save £38
  • August 2 - 11
  • Does not include accommodation or meals

Non discounted daily rates for bookings after the 15 June

Festival fees - Daily rates (Does not include accommodation or meals)
IMPORTANT: ** In order to receive the Highest Yoga Tantra Empowerments of Heruka and Vajrayogini, you must attend all empowerment sessions (see sessions below marked with **).  If you miss the first session you will not be able to attend the subsequent ones.  Without receiving the empowerment, you will not be able to receive the commentary.
Week 1FriJuly 27£15Teaching (begins at 7:30pm)
SatJuly 28£30Meditations & Lamrim Teachings
SunJuly 29£30Meditations & Lamrim Teachings
MonJuly 30£30Meditations & Lamrim Teachings
TuesJuly 31£15Lamrim Retreat
WedAugust 1£15 Lamrim Retreat
 ThursAugust 2 £0 FREE DAY
 Week 2FriAugust 3£35Meditations & Heruka Empowerment **
SatAugust 4£35Meditations & Heruka Empowerment **
 SunAugust 5£35Vajrayogini Empowerment ** (am) &  Q & A session (pm)
MonAugust 6£30 Commentary & Meditations
TuesAugust 7£30Commentary & Meditations
WedAugust 8£15Retreat
ThursAugust 9£15 Retreat
FriAugust 10£15 Retreat
SatAugust 11£10 Life of Buddha  video Presentation (am)


Children's Festival Fee:

Age:  0 - 7 yearsFREE
 8 - 15 years50% discount
 16+ yearsas adult above



per person/night
Single ensuite†*£55
Twin or Double ensuite†*£40
Twin or Double†*£35
Shared Room*£25
Indoor Dorm*£20
Marquee Dorm**£14

† very limited availability
* must be booked for whole of Week 1 or Week 2
**must be booked for whole of Week 1 or Week 2.  A limited number of marquee dorm spaces are available for  3 night minimum.

Children's Accommodation:

Children aged 4 or over occupying a bed in a twin or double room will be charged full price.  Aged 3 or under and sharing a bed are free.
We regret we are unable to accommodate children in shared or dormitory accommodation.
Children who are camping (in parents own tent) are free of charge. It is not permitted for those under 16 to sleep in their own tent, but must share with an adult family member/nominated carer
In general, children aged 3 or under who are camping (in a ready-erected tent) are free of charge and children aged 4 and over will be counted as a paying person. Children aged 3 or under who are camping (in a ready-erected tent) are free of charge if they do not take up an additional person space. Eg. 2 person tent = 2 paying people + child.


There are three camping options. For each option, you must first booking camping – then select which of the camping options you require.

    1. bringing your own tent
    2. booking a ready-erected tent (includes mattress, pillow and blanket)
    3. bringing your own campervan (very limited spaced available)

Camping Fee (per person/per night) £4

PLUS additional cost for ready-erected tents & campervans

Ready-erected TentOnly one person should book this and provide the names of those sharing.  Everyone should book camping
(per tent/per night) Only available for whole of week 1 or whole of week 2
One person£6
Two person£8
Three person£12
Four person£14
Campervan*Only one person should book the space and provide the names of those sharing. Everyone should book camping.
 Only available for whole of week 1 or whole of week 2
(per van/per night)£5

*Very limited spaces. Please do not bring a campervan unless you have reserved a space otherwise we will be unable to accommodate you.  No cooking is allowed.

Off-site Accommodation:

Premier Inn, Ulverstonsingle (room only)£100.00 per room/night
double (room only)£100.00 per room/night
Majestic Hotel, Barrowsingle (incl. breakfast)£50.00 per room/night
twin  (incl. breakfast)£65.00 per room/night



Festival Meal Ticket for meals served in the main dining marquee:

Onsite Accommodation: 3 meals per day – £7/day
Offsite Accommodation: 2 meals per day (lunch & supper) - £6/day

Children’s Meals

Children’s portions are available for those 12 years and under, and are charged at 50%. Children 13 years and over are charged as adult.

Shuttle Buses

Shuttles buses will run daily between the Festival hotels and the Festival site, and must be booked separately . These can be booked by those not staying in Festival offsite accommodation, however, priority is given to those who are staying in the above Festival hotels. Shuttles buses - £8/day (Barrow - Majestic Hotel); £3.50/day (Ulverston - Premier Inn)

Airport Shuttle Buses

Manchester Airport Shuttles - £20 each way. See travel info page for times.

Car Parking

Car parking fee covers the cost of field rental and road track hire.
£3.00 per day/part of day