Vajrapani Buddha


Spring Festival

May 22 - 27

Festival life - a transformative experience

Besides the opportunity to receive empowerments, teachings and meditations in the company of an international group of like-minded people, Festivals also offer a unique transformative experience that comes simply from taking part in the daily life of the Festival.

We enjoy a world far removed from the harshness and confusion of normal daily life in which everyone we meet has a good heart, a happy mind and genuinely cherishes others. They will be delighted to strike up a friendship or leave us to our quiet contemplations.

There are no angry faces, no harsh words, just joy, laughter and kindness. And above all there is no discrimination - everyone regardless of nationality, gender, age or culture is equally welcomed and respected.

A microcosm of world peace
Festival life is Kadam Dharma in action - we experience what it is like to actually live Buddha’s teachings, not just to study and meditate on them. And we see how if a group of people do this together we create a special, peaceful society - a society in which everyone truly matters. In short, we create a microcosm of world peace.

Festival life teaches us directly how inner peace leads to outer peace. When we leave, we carry this experience back into our daily life and benefit others through our example.

As one Festival goer recently said, ‘Through my experience at the Festival I can now see that world peace is possible.’

This is why the International Festivals are so important, and why Venerable Geshe-la encourages us to attend them.

We will not find this experience elsewhere.

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