Organised Visit to Granada

On the last day of the International Fall Festival there will be a special opportunity to participate in an organised visit to NKT's new property in Granada.

A limited number of coaches will depart from KMC Spain immediately after the final retreat session (see updated Festival programme), for the 2 hour journey to Granada.

There will be guided tours of the property and an opportunity to spend some time in the city, returning on the evening of the same day,  either to KMC Spain or to Málaga City (Hotel NH - Address: C. San Jacinto, 2, 29007 Málaga).


(times are approximate)

12:30     Depart KMC Spain

14:30.    Arrive Granada

19:00     Depart Granada

20:30     Arrive Málaga City or 21:00 Arrive KMC Spain

Cost €20 per person - to be paid at the Fall Festival.

Accommodation at KMC Spain on the night of 12 October is only available for those who stayed onsite during the Festival and must be the same accommodation type. KMC Spain contact info will be sent separately to those booked on the trip.