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**Important Change to the Parking Information**

Additional onsite parking is now available for those attending the whole festival. Spaces are limited so please book asap to be guaranteed a parking spot.  Those with existing offsite parking and shuttle bookings have been contacted directly by the registration team to amend their bookings.

Any surplus onsite parking spaces available closer to the start of the festival, will be offered to those with partial festival parking bookings in order of booking reference number.  In this case you will be contacted directly by the registration team.

Offsite Parking & Shuttles

For those with partial festival bookings, offsite parking is available in the nearby towns of Alhaurín el Grande and Alhaurín de la Torre* with shuttles to the KMC provided (approx. 15 min shuttle ride).

*Alhaurín de la Torre 的停車場不在市中心,但位於城鎮和西班牙噶當巴禪修中心之間(靠近Lauro高爾夫球場)。 如果您需要從 Alhaurín de la Torre市中心出發的接駁巴士,您應該預訂每日接駁巴士,而不是泊車接駁巴士選項。

預訂法會場地外泊車時,有兩種選項:一次來回日票。 一次來回包括每日泊車費和一次往返西班牙噶當巴禪修中心,僅限汽車司機使用。 日票包括每日泊車費和往返西班牙噶當巴禪修中心的多次往返,僅供汽車司機使用。


那些沒有泊車位的人士應該在預訂接駁巴士時選擇“I am not a car-share passenger or driver”。