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Compassion is the actual refuge and protector of all living beings.
Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, Universal Compassion

Day 1

Something in the air

Manjushri KMC looks stunning on this beautiful spring evening. The woods are carpeted with bluebells, primroses and rhododendrons and the trees resound with birdsong. The deep blue sky forms a perfect backdrop to the towering spires of Conishead Priory and the golden Temple lantern glistens in the evening sun.

There is a sense of anticipation in the air. Tonight the 2013 Spring Bank Holiday Festival begins and hundreds of people are arriving from all over adobesite the world to hear Gen-la Kelsang Kunsang give the introductory teaching in the Kadampa Temple.

Many have been before and are delighted to meet up with old friends and catch up on all the news. And for many others this is their first international Kadampa Festival.

We asked some of the arrivals why they have come and what they hope to take away with them. Tune in later this week for their answers.


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