The Free Day

It’s the day off. Not a day off from Dharma … there’s no such thing! Just a day of practising Dharma in a different context. And we are very fortunate as it’s a sun filled, beautiful day of stunning clarity. Loads of people head out to enjoy the Lake District just north of Manjushri KMC, with its pristine waters and beautiful rolling hills and low mountains. Some people choose to walk around Ulverston, enjoying the charms of our local and historic market town. Some people stay back at the Manjushri KMC to volunteer and prepare for 400 new arrivals for week 2 of the festival. Some people have a quiet day of meditating and studying on the Festival grounds.

For everyone, it’s a chance to just pull back for a moment, catch our breath and recharge for what is to come. One person, walking back to her accommodation while enjoying the evening light so that is remarkable here in the north of England, thought to herself, ‘I’ve had a wonderful day off. And now I can’t wait to get back to the festival tomorrow!’