Closer to Vajrayogini

Gen-la Khyenrab said his teaching on the 11 Yogas, which he concluded this morning, was not a detailed commentary, but more like a blessing transmission. We should see it as an encouragement to study Venerable Geshe-la’s commentaries ourselves so that we understand the practices precisely. Put time into studying, he encouraged us. It’s worth it and will give rise to a huge reward, more than anything in samsara. He advised us to keep New Guide to Dakini Land by our bed and to read a little bit each day.

He also encouraged us to practice. ‘Once you’ve tasted the experience of Vajrayogini you’ll never turn back. But to gain this experience we need to put quality time into our practice. We need quality time with the Guru, not just with the kids!’

In the afternoon he began his brief commentary on the body mandala of Buddha Heruka, based on the practice New Essence of Vajrayana. The day concluded with a beautiful Wishfulfilling Jewel with tsog.

Afterwards there is a sense of the Festival winding down. There is still another meditation and teaching tomorrow but people are beginning to make their goodbyes. But everywhere I go I hear the same refrain: Hasn’t it been an amazing festival? Hasn’t it been wonderful?