Rare and Precious Practices

Crisp air, cloudless blue skies and a stunning autumn clarity greet us this morning. The outer clarity is a reminder of the inner clarity that is the very nature of Vajrayogini. As Gen-la Khyenrab explains in today’s beautiful Vajrayogini empowerment, Vajrayogini is the manifestation of the wisdom of the clear light of bliss.

Clarity and concision again characterize Gen-la Khyenrab’s presentation. He first encourages everyone by explaining the benefits of Vajrayogini practice. The first benefit is that we will receive great and powerful blessings. The ensuing empowerment bears witness to just that.

The meditations and visualizations within the Vajrayogini empowerment are sublime and profound. Gen-la takes us through them step by step so that even beginners feel engaged and clearly guided. It seems with every passing year our Kadampa Buddhism becomes more modern, essential, and easy to integrate.

In the afternoon Gen-la Jampa gives the traditional post-empowerment question and answer session. His lighthearted and practical answers inspires confidence that we can integrate this practice into our daily lives. Don’t try to push all this knowledge into your mind, he says. Relax, feel fortunate, and give yourselves time to learn gradually.

During the breaks we are assisted in feeling fortunate by strangers calling out ‘happy thanksgiving’ wherever we go. Turns out it’s Thanksgiving Day in Canada. It’s also Dakini Day, so we do Offering to the Spiritual Guide dedicated to the long life of Venerable Geshe-la. Meditating and chanting within an awesome assembly of practitioners, old and new, we celebrate his kindness in bestowing upon us and our world the unbelievable gifts we have been receiving. Happy Thanksgiving!