See you next time

The last day of the Spring Festival 2017 concluded with the final two sublime retreat sessions led by Gen-la Thubten. Gen-la commented on how inspiring it is to see the temple full of so many people staying on for the whole festival experience. He explained how there is nothing else available in the year that compares spiritually to what is offered at an International Kadampa Festival. This is obvious to all those who have enjoyed this special experience and carry it on into their daily lives. He shared Geshe-la’s advice from the Summer Festival 2009 to please always cherish and increase our International Festivals.

He concluded by encouraging us all to come to the Summer Festival 2017, where we will have the opportunity to receive teachings on “How to Transform Your Life” from Gen-la Dekyong and Gen-la Khyenrab. Book now at

We hope you have enjoyed these photo blogs. See you again at the Summer Festival 2017!

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