Virtuous insights and determinations

Gen Losang, again using the powerful words from How to Transform Your Life, is taking us on a tour of the six realms of samsara, and the constantly changing sound of the rain and wind on the temple seems to reflect the ever changing fortunes in samsara.

The focus of today’s meditation retreat is on developing renunciation, the determination to liberate ourselves from samsara’s suffering, the suffering of our countless future lives and the sources of that suffering, in particular our uncontrolled desire and our self-grasping ignorance. In each session, we simply relax into the meaning of the words and allow them to touch our hearts, naturally inspiring in us virtuous insights and determinations.

The overall feeling of the retreat is one of joyful possibility. All we need to do is change our mind. And with the Dharma, and especially through mixing our mind with the Guru’s blessings, we can definitely do this.

As one participant said, “I’m having such powerful experiences in this retreat and yet Gen Losang is simply reading from the book. So this shows me I can do the same from home.”

At that point many people were standing outside in beautiful sunshine while simultaneously being gently rained on. Emptiness!

Another festival goer, a film maker, said, “It’s so cinematic here.” And it is. The light is beautiful, the festival grounds, the woods, the bay, the surrounding hills…such a magnificent environment. It’s everchanging beauty inspiring us to stay connected with the beautiful inner environment of our mind mixed with Guru Buddha Shakyamuni at our heart.

It being the last day of the first week of the festival, some people are departing and others newly arriving. Smiles as we say goodbye and smiles as we say hello. The joy of the Dharma.