“All the attainments I desire arise from merely remembering you. ” We recite this line 3x every day as part of Heart Jewel. The problem is, Gen Losang points out, we immediately forget the moment we recite it. That’s why we need to recite it twice more, he joked.
‘Remembering’ here, Gen Losang explains, means with the special view that Venerable Geshe-la has given us as the special instruction of this Festival: seeing Dorje Shugden as the synthesis of Guru Tsongkhapa, Heruka, and the Dharma Protector himself. It is this view that will naturally give rise to the ‘attainments’ of Heruka, mahamudra. So simple. Or as Gen Losang says, Unbelievable!

Meditating on this view is the main focus of our Festival retreat. It is wonderful to abide in this view with a temple full of Sangha friends. As a ‘special treat’ in the second session Gen Losang reads out slowly as a guided meditation the description of Dorje Shugden’s mandala from the extensive sadhana Melodious Drum. Just as when listening to a story the image of Dorje Shugden’s pure land forms naturally in our minds. So lyrical, rich and profound … What a beautiful practice!

The continuing sunshine makes for pure enjoyments during the meditation breaks. People stroll in the woods, sit by the bay, or lounge on the daisy and buttercup resplendent lawn, quietly contemplating or discussing Dharma. It’s a wonderfully relaxed festival. Good feelings and blessings abound as radiant as the sunshine.