the final day of the Festival

Maybe it’s the blessings but the woods this morning look impossibly beautiful: a citadel of illuminated leaves, a symphony of melodious birdsong, the receding waters of the estuary glittering like countless diamonds. The tents are coming down; it’s the final day of the Festival. Across a branch a drying towel’s slogan announces ‘Be awesome today!

Good idea but how? In the succinctly guided retreat we keep familiarizing ourself with the special view of the Festival: Dorje Shugden as the synthesis of Guru Tsongkhapa, Heruka, and the Dharma Protector, recognizing that this view leads to all attainments. So simple, so powerful. We gently sit with this view in meditation experiencing so much encouragement and positive energy.

Occasionally Gen Losang gives advice: Rather than be discouraged when we see problems or deluded behavior at our Center we can be encouraged . Look how the tradition is flourishing even though we are still so new. Imagine how it will be when we have more experience. This will encourage us to set a good example with which to encourage others. Be awesome today.

The Festival is over. What an awesome festival – like a visit to Dorje Shugden’s pure land. A wonderful preparation for the Summer Festival coming soon. We’ve learnt so much and have so much to bring home with us in such a simple way. ‘Be protected, stay connected.’ All the attainments I made desire arise from merely remembering you!

Till next time. Thank you Geshe-la!