Illuminating Meanings

The weather, contrasting between radiant clear skies and sudden dark clouds, feels dramatic and epic – a perfect backdrop to the dramatic and epic teaching/transmission being given by Gen-la Khyenrab. Note-takers are finding it hard to keep up as the inspiring transmission from Venerable Geshe-la continues to pour forth.

This morning the focus is on the seven-limb prayer from the Hundreds of Deities sadhana. Most are already familiar with this prayer as it is almost identical to the prayer in Heart Jewel practice, the daily practice at our Centers worldwide. However, the new sadhana supplies pithy and concise commentary to each verse. In addition to this Gen-la transmits from Geshe-la illuminating elaborations on different aspects of the practice, helping us eliminate faults and ensure our practice is truly effective.

The festival feels like one big seven-limb prayer, as collectively we engage in purifying, making offerings, developing faith in our Spiritual Guide, requesting teachings etc., all dedicated to the long life of our Spiritual Guide and to the flourishing of Dharma.

On the topic of rejoicing, Gen-la Khyenrab teaches on the deeds of our Spiritual Guide, Venerable Geshe-la, how Geshe-la first he studied and practiced, then did long meditation retreat, before coming to the West, teaching extensively, and accomplishing so much for the sake of the Dharma and living beings.

Here, rejoicing in our Spiritual Guide is easy. All we need to do is walk around the Festival grounds.  See how we are surrounded by practitioners from all over the world.  Look at the array of teachings and retreats on offer at amazing retreat facilities, temples and centers again all over the world. Notice the dedication of everyone here, helping facilitate the flourishing of Kadam Dharma worldwide. What our Spiritual Guide has accomplished is truly astounding. I rejoice!