Today Gen-la Khyenrab began the transmission of the precious Heruka Body Mandala instruction which is the key that opens door to the deepest inner peace. Sharing Venerable Geshe-la’s words with us, we learnt of the stillness of great bliss that ‘is coming from the depths of the heart’ through which the mind becomes ‘very subtle, calm, peaceful, joyful and very sharp’.

Gen-la illuminated the reasons why these special spiritual practices are so powerful for us even in these turbulent times, and how perhaps even our mother or father, our brother or sister could be emanations helping us fulfill our deepest spiritual potential.

As Venerable Geshe-la’s root guru, Trijang Dorjechang wrote: ‘As times become ever more impure, Your power and blessings ever increase, And you care for us quickly, as swift as thought; O Heruka Father and Mother, to you I prostrate.’

Through understanding that our precious lineage gurus, Je Phabongkha, Trijang Dorjechang, Ling and Song Rinpoche all became living Heruka, we can know that simply by following their examples we will naturally become just like them. What could be more empowering than this?!

Throughout the priory grounds, trainee yogis and yoginis, gathered their minds inwards in meditation. Following in the footsteps of the great meditators of the past they embarked on a journey deep into the heart where the most profound truths can be enjoyed.