The day began with Kadam Morten leading us through the preliminary stages of meditation on Heruka Tantra – from developing the wisdom fear of samsara’s dangers that helps us turn our hearts to the spiritual path, through to harnessing the power of correct imagination to create a pure world for ourselves and all people.

Between sessions, remembering the profound truth of emptiness – that our mind creates our world – festival goers held on to the pure mind they had developed in meditation and enjoyed the pure world that arose from that place.

In the teachings, Gen-la Khyenrab continued to share the special scientific methods of Buddha’s tantric technology, showing how we can transform the different levels of our mind into enlightened experience quickly and easily. Through these very meditations many people in previous generations, such as Gyalwa Ensapa, attained enlightenment within three years!

Throughout the festival, there has been a growing sense of confidence that these deep  meditative experiences truly are within our grasp. Through the kindness of our unequalled spiritual guide, every good condition has been gathered for us to be able transform our lives into a blissful spiritual journey.

These profound and transformative practices all arise from an understanding of emptiness. Sharing Venerable Geshe-la’s words, Gen-la Khyenrab explained the kindness of emptiness: ‘If something inherently exists it is impossible to change … but since emptiness is right everything can be changed.’ Because of the truth of emptiness all suffering can disappear and pure worlds and beings can arise. How wonderful!