Practise yourself and then teach

In the final day of the teachings, we learnt how to overcome distracted, discontented minds through a special method to transform our daily enjoyments into the quick path to enlightenment.

By offering the food, drink, music, conversations and companionship we enjoy each day to the Buddhas at our hearts we can maintain a peaceful happy mind, that is easily contented and feels deeply satisfied all the time.

Although the topics covered in these last few days of teachings have been so profound, Gen-la Khyenrab marveled at how Venerable Geshe-la continuously finds new ways of presenting these meditations that are ever more straightforward and accessible to modern people. All across the festival site, people shared their experience of how moved they have been this year and how much their confidence has grown through hearing these teachings.

At the end of the final teaching of the oral transmission, Gen-la shared the words Venerable Geshe-la had concluded with: ‘Now you have received the transmission, which means it has been passed to you, so now my job is finished. Now you need to do your job: practise yourself and then teach, this is your job.’ Smiling at everyone, Gen-la then waved goodbye. We finished the day with special prayers to safeguard the insights that have dawned in our hearts, and prepared to enter into retreat to grow them further.