The Spiritual Guide’s Kindness

Spring Festival 2019

Day 3

The Spiritual Guide's Kindness

“Speaking generally, it seems that everybody is happy to accept this (karma) but when it comes down to looking at our own individual circumstances, the kinds of things that happen to us it becomes quite difficult then for people to accept”

Festival Life


How can we understand where our suffering comes from if we do not believe in karma? Suffering is an inner experience and so must have an inner cause. Nothing external can cause inner pain. Our suffering arises from potentials left in our consciousness by our previous negative actions, our negative karma.

My First Festival


"To participate in my first festival with my son who has been a monk for a year, is indescribable. Day after day, this new family I belong to grows, spanning all generations to become multi-ethnic and cosmopolitan. In the beginning, I was transfixed by the goodness of everyone and I now find myself gradually absorbing their kindness. I am learning to listen to the teachings, and to meditate on them to overcome my anger and find joy."

Veronik Mouhat | France


How can we purify these harmful potentials? By training in purification practices taught by Buddha. Especially meditation and recitation of Buddha Vajrasattva.

How wonderful that through the kindness of Buddha we have a scientific understanding of the inner causes of our suffering and how to purify them!

Listening to Gen-la Khyenrab's clear and practical teachings on karma in the magnificent World Peace Temple at Manjushri KMC it is impossible not to experience a feeling of great good fortune and deep gratitude.

The Teacher, the teachings, the Temple, the Festival, the international Kadampa family. From where do they all arise? The supreme kindness of the precious Spiritual Guide, Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche.

Today is definitely a day to remember his kindness.

What people are saying


Ljubica aaen

Colorado, USA

“Meeting Venerable Geshe-la has transformed my life and given it meaning. He has given me the magic to deal with difficulties which has enabled me to become whatever others need and to help them practically”.


Kelsang Tsangpa

Plymouth, UK

“Venerable Geshe-la’s instructions are so clear and easy to apply. It’s impossible not to reduce your suffering and develop a warm heart towards everyone you meet.”


Richard Copley

York, UK

“Venerable Geshe-la teaches me to have inner peace so I'm not unhappy anymore and he teaches me wisdom so I'm not ignorant anymore. He teaches me kindness so I can try to pass this on. He is somebody who shows a good example which really helps me.”