Retreat – the icing on the cake

Today we enjoyed the first full day of retreat on the Yoga of Buddha Amitayus.

It is such a privilege to be able to spend time with so many sincere meditators taking the teachings to heart and mixing our mind with their meaning.

The retreat is led by Gen Kelsang Chogka, the NKT-IKBU National Spiritual Director for Spain and Portugal.

Gen Chogka began each session by encouraging us the remember the teaching on basic Buddhist view that the happiness of future lives is far more important than the happiness of this life alone.

And then in each session she guided us through developing this thought into authentic renunciation and compassion.

This preliminary practice is the perfect basis for engaging in the blissful practice of Amitayus. And if the extraordinary stillness in the Temple is anything to go by, those present were enjoying some blissful absorption.

The retreat at the end of the Festival really is the icing on the cake. Not only does it give us an opportunity to experience the taste of the practice in more depth, but also it consolidates the practice in our mind so that we can carry it from the Festival and apply it in our daily life.

It is the perfect end to a very special Festival.