The oral instruction of the Yoga of Buddha Amitayus

Today Gen-la gave a brief commentary to the precious practice of the Yoga of Buddha Amitayus, which Venerable Geshe-la himself composed many years ago before coming to the West.

Gen-la said that Venerable Geshe-la told him that this practice is a precious oral instruction.

This sadhana includes all the essential practices of generation and completion stage, as well as methods for healing and prolonging the life of oneself and others.

Gen-la explained how to train in three levels of generation stage meditation and how to train in clear appearance and divine pride based on this sadhana.

Receiving profound oral instructions from Gen-la in this way, we see how the precious uncommon lineage we have received from Venerable Geshe-la is carried in the hearts of his sincere disciples.

It is deeply inspiring and encouraging to witness this living lineage

He encouraged us to do our generation stage meditation in conjunction with the oral instruction of the union of profundity and clarity and never to forget that the Deity and the Pure Land are mere appearance and so have a dream-like quality.