A beautiful dream begins

Last night Gen-la Khyenrab introduced the Fall Festival with a clear and practical explanation of Buddhist view, intention and practice.

Gen-la emphasised the importance of developing sincere refuge in Buddha by contemplating his teachings again and again until our mind changes and we gain actual realisations. This is the key to pure Buddhist practice.

In particular he encouraged us to deepen our understanding and experience of Buddha’s teachings on emptiness.


For example, in King of Concentration Sutra Buddha clearly explains the true nature of phenomena:

In a dream a girl meets a boy who is dying.
She is happy to meet him but unhappy to see him dying.
We should understand that all phenomena are like this.

Gen-la reminded us that contemplating the meaning of these words has the power to free living beings permanently from their suffering.

Here at the Festival it is not difficult to see the dream like nature of things. Watch over the next few days as this beautiful dream unfolds.