2018-07-26-festival diary-14-m

A Magnificent Journey

“We are being taken on a magnificent journey! This is an incredible journey and we are going with the Guru.” “…If you feel some peaceful feeling, some special feeling in the heart, just know that is the Guru. That peaceful feeling, that is coming from blessings.”

The penultimate part of the Summer Festival 2018 continued with a guided retreat led by Kadam Morten, giving everyone a chance to deepen the experience of the incredible week’s commentary through contemplation and meditation.

Kadam Morten explained that during this retreat we will be following the practise of Quick Path to Great Bliss. In each session we will be focusing on a different part of the practise until we eventually have performed the entire sadhana.

Kadam Morten suggested that too often we are trying to engage in these extraordinary practices while still identifying strongly with an ordinary limited self. Therefore we end up pushing and forcing the experiences we believe we should be having in our practice.
“Let’s not do that” he said.

Instead we can recognise every moment of peace and happiness that arises within our mind as coming from our guru’s blessings. That feeling is you connecting with Buddha’s mind. If we recognise and abide in that feeling it becomes very easy to allow the guru to guide you on this magnificent journey.

Kadam Morten encouraged us to stay within the experience during the meditation session breaks by practising the Yoga’s sleeping, rising and experiencing nectar.

What a perfect way to conclude a week of such inspiring teachings!