2018-07-26-festival diary-13-m

Tantric Technology for Modern People

In the morning teaching, we received such a beautiful and moving teaching from Gen-la Dekyong’s heart. She said that we can improve our faith in these instructions by understanding who we have met – by understanding who is Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche.

With great faith she explained Venerable Geshe-la’s special function in the world. He is not only the lineage holder of Je Tsongkhapa’s unequaled instructions of the Ganden Oral Lineage, he is also our precious Founder. We are not a Tibetan Tradition, we are the New Kadampa Tradition and Venerable Geshe-la is our Founder. He is clarifying Buddha’s teachings for the people of the modern world.

Gen-la read from Venerable Geshe-la’s teachings in Singapore when he said, “I believe I have come here to clarify Buddhadharma. There are so many misunderstandings. There is such a danger that pure Buddhadharma will disappear. My dedication is to clarify for the modern world. I am not saying I am a higher being, a scholar, a special person. But I have some confidence to help the people of the modern world, to explain what is the real meaning of Buddhadharma.”

Gen-la then explained how Venerable Geshe-la received permission from his root Guru, Trijang Rinpoche, to change the presentation of Dharma for modern people – to make it acceptable, suitable and practical for us. It is definitely working very well!

Gen-la said that ‘acceptable’ means we don’t need to become weird! We remain normal, with families and and jobs, but with the path to enlightenment in our hearts. I was immediately reminded of this when walking by the Kid’s Tent, seeing parents and children doing so many enjoyable activities together. Later in the afternoon, I met one of the mothers and her daughter. The young girl told me how much fun she was having and enthusiastically showing me her drawings and other treasures. It seems all ages are enjoying the blessed environment of Summer Festival. As Venerable Geshe-la says, “Everyone welcome!”

For the remainder of the first teaching Gen-la explained the profound meaning of Heruka body mandala and how to generate it according to Venerable Geshe-la’s oral instructions. This is non-deceptive Tantric technology for quickly and easily accomplishing the clear light of realization!

Then in the afternoon, she explained very clearly how to meditate on the generation stage of non-dual appearance and emptiness. Skillfully teaching for all levels of practitioner, Gen-la inspired us with faith and the confidence to engage in this profound practice. About this meditation, Venerable Geshe-la said, “This is an uncommon meditation of the Ganden Oral Lineage. It is the most profound and superior way to generate ourself as Heruka body mandala.” Gen-la encouraged us by saying that our very subtle mind that realizes non-dual appearance and emptiness directly and simultaneously is the state of enlightenment.

Gen-la finished her teachings by thanking everyone and encouraging us to repay our Spiritual Guide’s kindness by practicing the instructions and then, with a compassionate heart, to share our understanding and experience with others understanding that everyone needs Dharma.

Immediately after the last teaching, someone said, “What a banquet of delight!” Now we have the opportunity to put this special Tantric technology, the real quick path to enlightenment, into practice with retreat led by Kadam Morten. Fantastic.