An Assembly of Good Fortune

It is a beautiful day in the Lakes District. Everywhere you look, sunshine and bright smiles pervade Manjushri KMC! Today we receive the actual empowerment of Buddha Heruka.

In the morning session, Gen-la Dekyong explained the entire purpose of receiving the empowerment is to be empowered into the paths of Sutra and Tantra so we can practice them in our busy daily life. Finally, we will develop the ability to practice Dharma continually without wasting even a minute of our precious human life. She said this is what it means to be a Kadampa.

In fact, looking around the festival you see examples everywhere of people cherishing others, benefiting others and being of service to others. Many people are joyfully helping with volunteer jobs or spontaneously lending a helping hand when needed. We all took the Bodhisattva vows yesterday and it feels like we really are part of an international Bodhisattva community, showing a good example, and working together to create both inner and outer peace. This is a real sign that our minds are already becoming more pure. Through practicing our Spiritual Guide’s instructions of Sutra and Tantra, we are transforming ourself into a truly good person!

Gen-la’s teachings continue to be so clear, practical and inspiring. She is able to make even very profound subjects easy to understand and feel like personal advice. She is guiding us step by step to become a member of the Heruka family and to enter the mandala of Heruka. The empowerment is like a precious, profound meditation program helping us to increase our wisdom of correct imagination. Gen-la encouraged us by saying that, when we open our wisdom eyes, we will see Heruka and the Heruka’s mandala directly.

She explained that Tantra is a special method, an inner realization, through which we can purify our world, self, enjoyments and actions. Because these are all the nature of our mind, if we purify our mind through Tantric practice, then we will accomplish the pure world, self, enjoyments and actions of a Buddha. Therefore, attaining enlightenment is very simple – all we need to do is purify our mind!

At the beginning of part two of the Heruka empowerment, Gen-la Dekyong explained that we will receive the four empowerments: vase empowerment, secret empowerment, wisdom-mudra empowerment and the precious word empowerment. Receiving these empowerments is the method for becoming the actual King, Buddha Heruka. Wonderful!

Gen-la said, “You have come here expecting something. I can say, from my root Guru at my heart, you will receive everything.” And that we certainly did! We received such powerful blessings and special teachings about nature and function of the great bliss of Tantra and the Union of Heruka. Gen-la said, “In summary, we should become Buddha Heruka. This is the ultimate goal of human life.” In this way we will be able to effortlessly benefit all living beings just like Guru Heruka.

The assembly then finished this extraordinary empowerment ceremony with special prayers and offerings, remembering our good fortune and Venerable Geshe-la’s profound kindness. Gen-la said, “It is indeed an assembly of good fortune!”