2018-07-26-festival diary-11-m

Identifying Ourself Correctly

The morning practice started a little earlier than usual as we had the extraordinary opportunity to engage in the extensive sadhana of Vajrayogini, called Quick Path to Great Bliss. As Gen-la Dekyong said later in the day, “Where in the world are there three thousand people running to the Temple in their pajamas to do Quick Path at 7:30 am?!”

During her first teaching, Gen-la touched our hearts by showing us the practical and profound ways Venerable Geshe-la is benefiting the people of this world. She said, “On our doorstep, he is appearing everything we need. In our cities and on our main streets, Dharma Centers are appearing where thousands and millions of people walk, drive, and cycle past. They see happy people coming out and then they think, is there something there that can help me?”

Then Gen-la helped us understand that we have been identifying ourself incorrectly since beginningless time. She shared Venerable Geshe-la’s profound advice from How to Transform Your Life and The Oral Instructions of Mahamudra that in reality we are the union of appearance and emptiness. She encouraged us that through learning to identify ourself correctly through Highest Yoga Tantra practice we will attain enlightenment quickly!

We were able to practically apply this instruction in the yogas of sleeping and rising. In particular, Gen-la said we just need to memorize two sentences: “In vast space of emptiness of all phenomena – the Pure Land of Keajra – I appear as Vajrayogini surrounded by the enlightened Heroines and Heroes. Although I have this appearance it is not other than the emptiness of all phenomena.”

She quoted Venerable Geshe-la, “Just feel you are already there.” We can make ourself there – in Keajra Pure Land – through mental creation, merely imputing, believing, following wisdom.

In her light-hearted and loving way, Gen-la continued to encourage us saying instead of asking ourself how many steps did I do today, we can ask ourself how many times did we practice the yoga of rising!

During the breaks, many people gathered in the Festival cafes, juice bar and creperie enjoying delicious food and drinks – no doubt putting into practice the instruction on transforming pleasure into the spiritual path through the yoga of experiencing nectar.

In the afternoon teaching, Gen-la continued to give us encouraging advice, inspiring us with the confidence to develop and maintain a daily Vajrayogini practice. She kindly explained how to be skillful and choose a level of practice that is suitable for our life – something that we can manage with a joyful, happy and grateful mind. She gave many practical examples from Venerable Geshe-la’s oral and written instructions. Gen-la also encouraged us to rely upon our precious Sangha friends – those pure spiritual practitioners who help us with our Dharma practice, including our Resident Teacher.

To finish, Gen-la said, “Tonight is the night! Three thousand people applying effort to practice the yoga of sleeping – such a beautiful offering to our Spiritual Guide.”