Fall Festival

SEP 27- OCT 3, 2019

Temple opening ceremony September 26

General info

Arrival & Registration

When you arrive to register you will be asked for your confirmation letter. If you do not have it with you, you will be asked to show some other form of photo identification, such as your passport, or driving licence.

When you register on arrival, please be prepared to pay the full balance of your bill either in cash (USD), or credit/debit card.

If staying in offsite Festival hotels, you will be required to show your passport (non-US citizens) or drivers license (US citizens) at checkin. A credit card must also be registered for each room - guests are liable for any incidental charges.

Travel & Medical Insurance: We strongly recommend that you purchase adequate travel and medical insurance in case of unexpected illness or cancellation of all or part of your Festival. In particular if staying in Festival offsite hotels please note the refund and cancellation terms - these are in accordance with our contractual obligations with the accommodation providers.

Travel Visa Requirements: General information about entering the US as a tourist can be found here.  You are responsible for making your own enquiries regarding visas and travel permits.

Weather Late September/early October weather can see warm sunny days and cold nights (low 40s ° F / 6° C).  At almost 7000 ft (2100m), the sun is also quite strong so you are advised to bring sun protection.  Anyone who has concerns about the altitude should speak to their own health professional before travelling.

Kaibab National Forest  The IKRC borders the Kaibab National Forest which is a very large forest covering a total area of 1.6 million acres.  There are many unmarked forest paths close to the IKRC and it is very easy to get lost. Festival attendees are requested not to walk in the forest.

Kaibab National Forest is also home to many special of wild animals.  Whilst they will naturally shun human contact, you are requested to be cautious and to not feed wild animals.  Campers in particular must not keep any food in their tents.

Car Parking

There is limited onsite parking at the IKRC.  Offsite parking will be available with shuttles to/from the IKRC. Car parking arrangements are still to be confirmed - please check back for more information.


It is not possible to bring pets to the Festival.


All participants will be required to wear a Festival Pass at all times. Please co-operate fully with this requirement for the sake of the safety and smooth running of the Festival. Please note that the Festival Management cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage to personal items or cars parked on or off the property. Please bring essential items only and carry valuables with you.


The entire Festival is organised and run by volunteers. There are many opportunities and ways in which you can help. It is a wonderful way to meet with other Kadampas from around the world – your contribution of time and energy is an important part of making the whole thing happen. Please stop by the volunteering desk to find out how you can help.

Special Needs?

The Temple, World Peace Cafe, dining, shop, and foodcourt area are all accessible to wheelchairs - however due to the natural terrain in some areas assistance may be required.

Information about accessible accommodation, both at the IKRC and offsite Festival hotels, can be found on the relevant accommodation pages.

IKRC Grand Canyon is at an elevation of  around 7000 ft (approx. 2100m), if you have any concerns about this, you should seek advice from your own medical practitioner.

Please contact us in advance if you have special needs. In particular, if you are a wheelchair user, or require additional seating space in the Temple/Temple marquees, please indicate this on your booking form in the special requests section.  This will help us to allocate the correct space.

For all enquiries regarding the accessibility of Festival accommodation, please contact Fall Festival Registration [email protected]prior to making a booking.

To discuss special needs queries in general, please contact the Festival Welfare team who will try to assist you [email protected].


Flash photography, video, or audio recording are not permitted in the Temple during the teachings and meditations.

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