JUL 26 - AUG 10

General information

Arrival & Registration

You are required to show your booking confirmation letter (either digital or printed) to gain access to the Festival site.   If you are unable to show this, you will be required to show either your passport or a National ID card.

Campers must register before pitching your tent and only camp in designated areas.

What to Bring

Generally, you will find it helpful to bring warm clothes and waterproofs. If you are in a dormitory, or are camping  you will need a warm sleeping bag.


Please come prepared! Check that your tent is waterproof and don't forget your sleeping mat, torch, warm clothing, towel and sleeping bag. Due to the large numbers attending the Festivals, we regret we are unable to provide additional blankets or sleeping bags.

To comply with fire safety regulations, no naked flames of any kind (e.g. candles, gas cookers etc) will be permitted anywhere on the campsite. Due to ongoing woodland management, you must register before pitching your tent and camp in permitted camping areas only. Anyone camped outside designated areas will be asked to move their tent.


You will receive by email a parking pass (standard car parking, van parking, accessible parking) together with your confirmation letter. Your parking pass must be shown to the car parking steward on arrival. Parking passes must be clearly displayed in your windscreen at all times. If you have booked blue badge accessible parking space, you must display your badge at all times.  Due to the limited number of accessible car parking spaces, priority will be given to those with blue badges (or country equivalent), on a first come, first served basis.


Please note that it is not possible to bring pets to the Festival. Dogs are not permitted on the campsite, nor to be left in cars in the car park.


All participants are required to wear a Festival Pass at all times. Please cooperate fully with this requirement for the sake of the safety and smooth running of the Festival. Festival Management cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage to personal items or cars parked on or off the property. Please bring essential items only and carry valuables with you.



The entire Festival is organised and run by volunteers. There are many opportunities and ways in which you can help, such as preparing food, serving, clearing, dish-washing, cleaning, setting up, cafes etc. Volunteering is a wonderful way to meet with other Kadampas from around the world - your contribution of time and energy is an important part of making the whole thing happen and is deeply appreciated.  Please consider stopping by the volunteering desk in the main corridor to find out how you can help.


If you have booked onsite Festival accommodation, breakfast is included. To purchase lunch and supper select the Festival Meal Ticket option when booking.  A variety of savoury snacks and meals are available from the Festival Cafes and Takeaway Kitchen for those not purchasing the Festival Meal Ticket. See the Food and Drink page for more information.

Please note that no food may be stored or prepared in any of the rooms, or anywhere on the campsite.


Flash photography, video recording or tape recording are not permitted in the Temple.

Music & Musical Instruments

Festivals are a time of peace, quiet and reflection. It is for this reason that we ask you not to bring musical instruments of any kind to the Festival, and to use headphones when listening to music.