The teachings at the Festival

The sequence of teachings at the Summer Festival 2023 will cover all the essential practices of Kadam Lamrim of Sutra & Tantra.

In the first week Gen-la Khyenrab will teach the Lamrim of Sutra which is regarded as an essential prerequisite for receiving tantric empowerments and teachings.

These special teachings of Buddha were arranged by Atisha and present the essential practices of Dharma for all levels of practitioners from the initial scope to the great scope. These teachings are immensely practically and easy to apply to our modern daily life. By relying on these teachings we can guide ourself along the path to liberation from suffering and eventually to full enlightenment for the benefit of all living beings.

These teachings are open to everyone regardless of previous experience.

In week 2 Gen-la Dekyong will present the essential Highest Yoga Tantra practices of the New Kadampa Tradition. She will begin by granting the empowerment of Heruka Body Mandala and Vajrayogini and then give brief essential commentaries to these practices.

By engaging in these practices sincerely with a mind of faith we can swiftly overcome ordinary appearance and conception in this life and attain the highest state of all - the union of enlightenment.

To receive the commentaries you must have previously received the empowerments.


Meditations & retreats
In both weeks meditation on the teaching days and concluding retreats will be led by senior teachers of NKT.