Fall Festival

SEP 27- OCT 3, 2019

Temple opening ceremony September 26


One of the reasons the Festival experience is so powerful is that Festivals are effectively run by volunteers.

Volunteering is the lifeblood of the Festival because through it we have the opportunity to practice the Dharma we are studying and meditating on in the sessions. And we directly experience the purifying and empowering effect of cherishing others.

For Festival goers volunteering is an opportunity, not a chore. It is an essential part of the Festival experience.

Through volunteering we see directly that cherishing others is the true source of happiness in this world.

For those who are able to offer some voluntary work there are many opportunities from undertaking major tasks to contributing in small ways.

Often voluntary teams are organised by local Kadampa centers before the Festival begins, and throughout the Festival there is a volunteer desk where you can go whenever you have some available time.

Please contact your local center for more information.


Help needed before and after the Festival
There is always plenty volunteer work in the days before and after the Festival. If you would like to extend your stay to help at either of these times use the link below to complete an application form.

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