Festival experience

When you arrive at an International Festival the first thing you notice is that you are among like-minded people with an extraordinary feeling of harmony and familiarity.

Where does this sense of familiarity come from?

Because everyone at the Festival has the same spiritual aspiration and intention, and is following the same Spiritual Guide, everyone we meet feels like family - a spiritual family traveling together on the same inner path.

A vision of a better world
This feeling of shared purpose and mutual support is both inspiring and empowering, and opens our mind to a vision of a better world - a vision that actually seems achievable.

We experience this union of diversity and harmony everywhere - among the people listening and meditating in the Temple, the children in the kids area, and the assembly of precious Teachers leading the Festival.

And we see for ourselves the profound and compassionate vision of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche - a world at peace in which everyone respects and cherishes each other.

You have to be at an International Festival to feel the power of this vision, which is why these Festivals are so important, and why Venerable Geshe-la encourages us to attend them.

We will not find this experience elsewhere.