Volunteering ~ Cherishing in action

You cannot be at a Kadampa Festival and not marvel at the complexity of the organization. And yet everything runs smoothly and efficiently. All of our basic needs are taken care of by teams of kind-hearted people. Indeed, almost the entire festival runs on the voluntary work of the people attending it.

Why are people so keen to volunteer at these events?

Volunteering is part of the practice of giving - when we freely give our time and energy to benefit others joyfully, without any expectation of acknowledgment or reward. And yet there are huge rewards because we see directly through our actions how cherishing others is the source of not just their but also our own happiness.

Wherever we look at a Festival, from our initial arrival at the car park, to registration, accommodation, meals, the Temple - and just about every other aspects of the Festival, we see kind volunteers.

All of them demonstrating through their actions Venerable Geshe-la's vision of a society based on kindness and cherishing.

Many opportunities
For those who are able to offer some voluntary work there are many opportunities from undertaking major tasks to contributing in small ways.

Often voluntary teams are organised by local Kadampa centers before the Festival begins, and throughout the Festival there is a volunteer desk where you can go whenever you have some available time.

Please contact your local center for more information if you want to join their volunteer team.

If you wish to volunteer before arriving at the Festival please use the button below to add your details.

Apply to Volunteer