International Fall Festival 2021

22 - 28 Oct

How to book

Online booking available soon

Booking Instructions

Before booking, please ensure you have read the relevant booking Terms and Conditions, in particular the sections on deposits, payment deadlines, and refund policies.

STEP 1: Create an account or log in to your account (please update any incorrect contact information).

STEP 2: Complete the Booking Form

STEP 3: Check the details in your booking cart and proceed to payment

STEP 4: Check your booking cart status (see below)

The minimum deposit will be calculated automatically. Note: bookings without a deposit are automatically cancelled after 72 hours with the exception of bookings made within 24 hours of the start of the Festival, these will be cancelled after 2 hours if no payment is received.  You must check your booking cart to confirm that payment has been registered against your booking. A booking is not valid without receipt of the minimum deposit.

A ‘payment confirmed’ message will be displayed when the transaction has been successfully completed, however you must then check your booking cart status -see below.  You will  receive an email with a link to your booking cart.

Understanding your Booking Status: as displayed in your booking cart.

Incomplete: there is still some action you need to take e.g. minimum deposit has not been paid, or payment has failed. If you have made a payment but your booking cart still shows incomplete status, please confirm with your card provider whether the payment has been successfully processed. If yes, please contact the registration team to advise.  If no, please make another payment via your booking cart.

In Progress:  all necessary information has been submitted and the Festival registration team is checking your booking. This  stage may take some time especially during periods where large numbers of bookings are being received.

Confirmed: all necessary information has been provided and minimum payment has been received. A confirmation email will be sent; you will also be able to see this status update in your booking cart.

Complete: Your booking status will only change to complete when full payment has been received.  To avoid any delay in accessing the links, full payment must be received 7 days before the event.

Late Bookings (online Festival)

Bookings received within 24 hours of the start of the Festival, cannot be guaranteed to receive the links before the scheduled start of the Festival (your single booking may be one of hundreds received in the final hours).  Occasionally problems are encountered when making a booking and/or payment. Links will only be sent to complete bookings, so to avoid the risk of not receiving the links in time, please do not book last minute.

As there will only be one opportunity to receive the empowerments in each timezone, please do not book late to ensure that you receive the links in time. 

Receiving  Links to the online sessions

You will receive an email with details of how you will access links to the sessions.

Everyone who can is encouraged to join the sessions together at the actual times in the timezone you have booked for.

The empowerment sessions will be streamed only once in each timezone, therefore you must join the session at the time that it is being streamed in the timezone you booked for.  You must attend the empowerment in order to participate in the remainder of the Festival.



General Enquiries
Please contact our registration team fallbooking@kadampafestivals.org

Booking Enquiries
If you have already made a booking, and have a specific booking enquiry, please use the ‘contact us’ button in your Festival booking cart (this will help us to identify your booking more easily).