Festival Diaries – Latest Updates

All the conditions to gain actual realizations Fall Festival 2017Day 6

The vehicle on the path to Enlightenment Fall Festival 2017Day 5

Do all yogas by one Fall Festival 2017Day 4

The embodiment of cherishing love Fall Festival 2017Day 3

Radiating Universal Compassion Fall Festival 2017Day 2

Everyone Welcome Fall Festival 2017Day 1

The Festival Play Summer Festival 2017Day 16

A rain of blessings Summer Festival 2017Day 15

The joy of a good heart Summer Festival 2017Day 14

Mere appearance to mind Summer Festival 2017Day 13

Creating purity together Summer Festival 2017Day 12

Enlightenment is possible Summer Festival 2017Day 11

Interconnected in Kindness Summer Festival 2017Day 10

Developing the Heartfelt Wish Summer Festival 2017Day 9

The Free Day Summer Festival 2017Day 8

Virtuous insights and determinations Summer Festival 2017Day 7

Taking the teachings to heart Summer Festival 2017Day 6

Samsara bye bye! Summer Festival 2017Day 5

The inner protection of spiritual experience Summer Festival 2017Day 4

Being Beneficial Summer Festival 2017Day 3

Drawing closer to Buddha Summer Festival 2017Day 2

40 years of kindness Summer Festival 2017Day 1

See you next time Spring Festival 2017Day 6

Retreat Spring Festival 2017Day 5

The power of wishing love Spring Festival 2017Day 4

Our limitless pure potential Spring Festival 2017Day 3

Emanations Spring Festival 2017Day 2

Choose love Spring Festival 2017Day 1

Profound Knowledge Fall Festival 2016Day 7

Closer to Vajrayogini Fall Festival 2016Day 6

Creating Peace Fall Festival 2016Day 5

Rare and Precious Practices Fall Festival 2016Day 4

Great Good Fortune Fall Festival 2016Day 3

Meaningful Meditations Fall Festival 2016Day 2

A Blessed Place Fall Festival 2016Day 1

A life of great meaning Summer Festival 2016Day 16

Creating Peace Summer Festival 2016Day 15

Relax on Retreat Summer Festival 2016Day 14

Practise yourself and then teach Summer Festival 2016Day 13

The Power of Correct Imagination Summer Festival 2016Day 12

Our Spiritual Potential Summer Festival 2016Day 11

Illuminating Meanings Summer Festival 2016Day 10

Modern Buddhism Summer Festival 2016Day 9

The Free Day Summer Festival 2016Day 8

Perfect Day Summer Festival 2016Day 7

Dream like appearances Summer Festival 2016Day 6

Just Imagine Summer Festival 2016Day 5

Wisdom Arising Summer Festival 2016Day 4

Dharma solves our problems Summer Festival 2016Day 3

Lineage Blessings Summer Festival 2016Day 2



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The New Kadampa Tradition

The New Kadampa Tradition – International Kadampa Buddhist Union is an international association of Mahayana Buddhist study and meditation centres that follow the Kadampa Buddhist tradition founded by Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.