A magical Festival experience

Festivals are a spiritual holiday like no other.  They give us an opportunity to step away from the busyness of daily life and to make time for our inner spiritual development for a concentrated period of time. In this way we accelerate our progress, deepening our understanding and experience in a relatively short period of time.

We also have the opportunity to meet and be part of the International Kadampa community.  A diverse, worldwide family of practitioners at every stage of their spiritual development.  Following the same Spiritual Guide, our aspirations and intentions bring us close together as we travel on the same inner path to happiness.

This year’s Fall festival is set in the beautiful location of The World Peace Temple near Malaga in Spain, so it is an ideal opportunity to combine a spiritual festival with a family holiday. 

A vision of a better world  

As the Festivals are entirely run by those attending, there is an incredible feeling of inclusion and mutual support.

This feeling of shared purpose and connection is inspiring and empowering. This opens our mind both to a vision of a better world and the wish to work towards achieving it.

We experience this union of diversity and harmony everywhere - among the people listening and meditating in the Temple, the children in the kids area, and the assembly of precious Teachers leading the Festival.

By attending the Festivals you can see for yourself the profound and compassionate vision of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche - a world at peace in which everyone respects and cherishes each other.

You have to be at an International Festival to feel the power of this vision, which is why these Festivals are so important, and why Venerable Geshe-la encourages us to attend them.

We will not find this magical experience elsewhere.

Mediterranean flavor
Being located in southern Spain, near the charming city of Málaga, and just a few kilometers from stunning Mediterranean beaches and Andalusian mountains, this year's Fall Festival will have a distinctive Mediterranean feel with a schedule to accommodate the climactic conditions, vegetarian Spanish cuisine, and much more. After all this time in confined within pandemic restrictions, who is not ready for this?!


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