OCT 25 - NOV 1

The teachings at the Festival

“In his Sutra teachings Buddha gives us great encouragement to accomplish the ultimate goal of human life. This goal will be accomplished quickly through the practice of Tantra.”
Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

At this year's Fall Festival Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong will grant the empowerments of Heruka and Vajrayogini, which are given only rarely. She will then give extensive teachings on Highest Yoga Tantra practice according to the Ganden Oral Lineage.

Although Tantra is very popular, not many people understand its real meaning. This Festival is an occasion for those new to Highest Yoga Tantra to discover the deep meanings and practices within the Heruka body mandala practice and the eleven yogas of Vajrayogini through which it is possible to attain enlightenment in one short life. Those already practising have the important opportunity to renew their vows, strengthening both their understanding and their practice, and in this way to progress swiftly on the Tantric path.

The essence of Tantric practice is to completely purify our mind, so that our world, ourself, our enjoyments and our activities also become pure and we attain the state of enlightenment. The practices include creative yogas that use correct imagination and wisdom to generate ourself as an enlightened Deity, as well as completion stage meditations that enable us to make this goal a reality.

“The emptiness that is explained in Buddha’s Sutra teachings,
And the great bliss that is explained in Buddha’s Tantric teachings -
The union of these two is the very essence of Buddha’s eighty-four thousand teachings.”
Prayer for the Flourishing of the Doctrine of Je Tsongkhapa

The empowerment and teachings are open to everyone.

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