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The Festival experience

First international Kadampa gathering since Fall 2019

After a long period during which our international gatherings have been restricted by the pandemic, at last we can gather again in person to enjoy a live International Festival. How wonderful!

Once again we can enjoy:

  • Live teachings
  • Meditating and praying together
  • Sharing and helping as a global family
  • Catching up with old friends and making new ones
  • The power and inspiration of an international family of people with a shared intention

The  Festival buzz is back
The sheer joy that arises  when Kadampas from all over the world gather, the inspiring energy, the spiritual buzz, is something we have been without in recent years. But now it is back and we all have the opportunity to soak up this magical atmosphere again. This collective energy is not something we can experience online.

Mediterranean flavor
Being located in southern Spain, near the charming city of Málaga, and just a few kilometers from stunning Mediterranean beaches and Andalusian mountains, this year's Spring Festival will have a distinctive Mediterranean feel with a schedule to accommodate the climactic conditions, vegetarian Spanish cuisine, and much more. After all this time in confined within pandemic restrictions, who is not ready for this?!

Seeds of a future society at peace
As Venerable Geshe-la says in his special Festival message, the three International Festivals function as the principal means by which the International Kadampa Buddhist Union is maintained and developed.

These Festivals are seeds of a modern society based on world peace, and every time we take part in an International Kadampa Festival we are sowing seeds for world peace in both this and future generations.

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