International Spring Festival 2021

May 28 - 2 June

The teachings at the Festival

The power of compassion & Vajrapani empowerment

Our compassion is our Buddha seed or Buddha nature, our potential to become a Buddha. It is because all living beings possess this seed that they will all eventually become Buddha.

Through meditation we can extend and deepen our compassion until it transforms into the mind of universal compassion – the sincere wish to liberate all living beings permanently from suffering.

The power to liberate all living beings
Through improving this mind of universal compassion it will eventually transform into the compassion of a Buddha, which actually has the power to liberate all living beings.

Therefore, the way to become a Buddha is to awaken our compassionate Buddha nature and complete the training in universal compassion.

Empowerment & teachings
Gen-la will begin by granting the empowerment of Vajrapani, the Buddha of spiritual power, and explain how by relying upon him we can increase our spiritual power, and especially the power of our compassion. 

He will help us to identify and develop our own compassion, and thereby awaken our Buddha nature. Through this we will begin to develop real power to benefit others.

During the teachings, the meditations will be led by Gen Kelsang Rabten,

Short retreat
The Festival will conclude with a short retreat led by Gen Losang Kelsang giving us an opportunity to become more familiar with the teachings and take them to heart so that we and others can benefit from them.