Kadampa Meditation Centre France

May 31 – Jun 5

Pure Mind, Pure World

Kadam Morten Clausen, will give instructions open to everybody on the practice of purification, including an introduction to the four opposition powers. He will highlight the experience of the pure and limitless nature of our mind, which is essential for this practice. From Monday to Wednesday the instructions received during the weekend will be applied to the practice of Vajrassattva, including self-generation. It is necessary to have received the blessing empowerments of Vajrassattva’s or the Highest Yoga Tantra Empowerments of Heruka and Vajrayogini to attend this second part


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Kadampa Meditation Centre Spain

May 31 – Jun 2

Pure mind, pure life

with Gen Kelsang Sangden NKT National Spiritual Director of Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Nicaragua.

Based on teachings from the Spring Festival at Manjushri KMC, Gen Sangden will guide a weekend retreat, integrating Buddha’s profound tantric purification practice. The meditation and recitation of Vajrasattva is the most powerful practice of purification, and a quick method to attain future happiness and spiritual realisations.

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Kadampa Meditation Centre Australia

Jun 8 – 10

Spring Festival Review & Retreat

with Gen Kelsang Dornying  Resident Teacher at KMC Australia

On this weekend course and retreat, based on the teachings given at the NKT International
Spring Festival in the UK, Gen Dornying will share the teachings on how to remove negative
karma through purification practice. Purifying the mind in this way is the real method for
solving problems and the actual path to a pure world.

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Vajravarahi KMC, Preston, UK

May 31 – Jun 2

Purifying the past – post festival retreat on Vajrasattva

with Gen Pagpa – Resident Teacher at Vajravarahi KMC

Teachings and guided meditations on the purifying practice of Buddha Vajrasattva.

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Nagarjuna KMC Thornby

May 31 – Jun 2

True happiness from within

with Gen Dornying, Resident Teacher at KMC Australia

Gen Kelsang Dornying will be visiting from KMC Australia to guide this retreat on the Vajrasattva practice, a method to purify negative potentials and free ourselves from the burden of the past.

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Kailash International Retreat Centre

May 30 – Jun 5

Enjoying Everything as Pure

with Gen Losang Kelsang, Resident Teacher at KMC Switzerland

In this Retreat we train in powerful tantric technology to transform our limited and painful state of mind into complete purity, freedom an joy.By receiving the blessings of Buddha Vajrasattva continually we gradually transform our impure being, world and enjoyments into the blissful experience of a Buddha.

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Tharpaland International Retreat Centre

May 30 – Jun 4

Vajrasattva – A Profound Purification Practice – Silent Retreat

with Kadam Bridget Heyes, UK National Spiritual Director and Resident Teacher of Nagarjuna Kadampa Meditation Centre, Northants.

Following on from the International Spring Festival at Manjushri KMC, England, Kadam Bridget Heyes will lead a retreat in Tharpaland based on the teachings at the festival. Through meditating on these profound teachings we can receive powerful blessings from Buddha Vajrasattva enabling us to purify and transform our mind to fulfil our potential for complete enlightenment. An opportunity to deepen our experience and understanding of a scientific method to purify our mind using Tantric technology with Kadam Bridget in the perfect conditions of silent retreat.

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Bodhisattva Kadampa Meditation Center, Brighton

May 31 – Jun 5

Pure Mind, Pure Life
Gen Kelsang Tonglam Resident Teacher of Kadampa Meditation Centre Hong Kong, Kadampa Meditation Centre Taiwan and NSD for East Asia

Based on teachings from the Spring Festival at Manjushri KMC, Gen Kelsang Tonglam will guide meditations on purifying the mind of all negativity.  In particular we will be gaining practical experience of Vajrasattva meditation, through which we can purify and release our mind from all its negativity. Through this practice we will find we will naturally become happier, our mind more flexible, and that our meditation practice in general will become more effective.

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Tara Kadampa Meditation Centre, Derby

May 30 – Jun 2

Complete Purity – Realising Our Potential
with Gen Kelsang Rigpa, National Spiritual Director for Western USA and the Resident Teacher at KMC Hollywood.
In this guided retreat Gen Rigpa will lead us through all the  essential practices explained during the International Spring Festival. Through Vajrasattva practice we can heal our mind, free ourselves from negative habits and realise our inner potential.

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Mahakaruna Kadampa Meditation Centre, Barcelona

May 31 – Jun 4

Enjoy Everything as Pure
with Gen Kelsang Togden, Resident Teacher of KMC Brazil

Tired of endless problems and suffering? Come purify your mind of the seeds of problems – your negative karma. Gen Togden will lead a special retreat on the Buddha of purification, Vajrasattva, which helps us cleanse our subtle consciousness and abandon negative behaviors. Everyone is welcome.

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Kadampa Meditation Center Florida

Jun 7 – 9

Purification Through Meditation Retreat – Post Spring Festival Retreat

with Gen Samten Kelsang, Resident Teacher at KMC NY

At some level we all wish to purify ourselves. It is not enough to clean our body because we are not our body. We need to purify our mind. This weekend, based on the teachings at the International Kadampa Buddhist Festival, will explore how we can use the inner science of meditation to:
Wash away anger, negativity, fear, guilt, and other negative emotions.
Purify our potential for suffering and problems forever.
Discover the innate purity of your mind.

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Madhyamaka Kadampa Meditation Centre, Pocklington

May 30 – Jun 2

Pure Mind, Pure Happiness
with Gen Kelsang Devi, Resident Teacher at Tharpaland International Retreat Centre, Berlin
Based on teachings from the Spring Festival at Manjushri KMC, Gen Devi will guide a weekend retreat on how, by relying on Vajrasattva, we can purify the potentialities that obstruct us from gaining authentic Dharma realisations and how by applying the four opponent powers we can quickly purify our mind and come closer to enlightenment.

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